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New Welding Trends For a New Decade

View: 38525/08/2023  

New Welding Trends For a New Decade

The dawn of a new decade means another era has come and gone. We are now moving into a decade that was preceded by an unprecedented 

amount of automation and the use of artificial intelligence. But what does this mean for the welding industry as it moves into a new decade with a 

growing demand for welders and a lack of skilled workforce? Well, we can begin to look at what the future holds by first looking at what was 

accomplished in the previous decade and determine what trajectory we are on as we head into a new one. 

Welding contributes to the success of many key industries today, including shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, construction, and defense. Welding 

plays an important role in repair and life extension of manufactured products. The 2010’s saw a major increase in welding safety and automated 

welding robotics. This is evident by the increased use of robotics in the many industries that require welding in their mass production. For instance, 

automobile manufacturers across the world accounted for 52% of all welding robotics purchases in 2016. Most welds made on car bodies are now 

done by robotic arms. 


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